About Triecon

Triecon Developers is an Ahmedabad based Start-up that was established in 2018. We work on our principle of 3 E’s which are Economical, Enhanced and Eco-Friendly. Utilization of waste abundantly available is our prime motto. Making it as the visionary base of our company, we move forward towards supporting the constitutional initiative of Make in India and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. We aim towards excellence in Civil industry by working through Innovation and Technology.

Why Choose us


Every line of product is more frugal than the conventional products.


Higher compressive strength leading to more load bearing capacity.


Reduced usage of cement and promoting the use of waste materials.


Anti-skid vermilock surface design for better surface grip ensuring safety.

Best Quality

Maintaining the optimum quality while manufacturing of every batch.


More than 10 years of life span under adverse weather conditions.

Glass Concrete Paver Blocks

Paver Block is a superficial surface covering which is generally used as outdoor flooring. Glass Concrete paver block is a high strength product which comes under hardscape in landscape architecture. It is available in multiple shapes and sizes and have various applications in sideways, driveways, shopping malls, fuel stations, patios, corporate offices and building entrances.


Our Partners